Faculty of Fine Arts / Dokuz Eylül University will host the 2nd International Art and Design Congress on 19th-21st October, 2016. Our Congress aims to bring students, scholars, researchers, and schools together from various countries and contribute to art and design education through academic essays, articles, workshops, and exhibitions.

We have chosen “migration” as this year’s theme. Forced or voluntary, “migration” is a general term describing the movement of people from one area to another. We seek to establish a ground for new ideas by centralizing the  concepts of “place & belonging” in terms of their projections in art, design, and science.  We basicly aim to discuss the concept of “migration” which has played an important role in means of social, economical, and political aspects througout history and its impact on the artists, designers and scientists. 

We, as the Faculty of Fine Arts/Dokuz Eylul University would like to call on everyone who has something to say about the concept of “migration” and hope to see you among us to experience the power of art, science, and design.

Prof. Halil YOLERİ